Under Age 65 - Affordable Care Act and Private Plans

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We specialize in private major medical insurance, both on and off the Marketplace.  With health insurance being as expensive as it is now, it's well worth your while to see if you qualify for a tax credit to offset the cost of your individual or family health insurance plan.

I have been honored to help several hundred clients with their health insurance plans for many years, including having earned Elite status through the Healthcare Marketplace by helping individuals and families apply and review since the Maretplace's inception.   

I will be glad to sit down with you and discuss whether or not you would qualify for tax credits based on your tax filing status.  You would qualify for assistance if your income falls within the mininum and maximum limits for family size as defined below.
2018 Federal Poverty Guidelines Chart
(these numbers will change yearly)
Household Size

100% FPL
400% FPL
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